Our approach to teaching

How are we different to traditional teaching?

Our education system has changed dramatically over the decades but more or less stagnant in the ways of teaching. Yes, we have technology now, but has that really improved grades? Students can learn from the internet……so why do we need teachers? Or tuitions?

Because we there not only to teach but to COACH!


Imagine going to the gym without any idea of what to do. You have two options, one, you can find your way through using the internet, read and watch videos without any guarantee of a positive outcome and experience a delay in achieving your goal. Or you can make an invest in an instructor to coach you through every stage with guaranteed successful outcome in the expected time interval.

At Eureka! Tuition, we employ what we like to call “THE HYBRID SYSTEM OF LEARNING”. This includes the strengths of the traditional teaching tied beautifully to a modern approach to teaching. We believe that no two students are the same. Each student is an individual with different backgrounds and different depths of knowledge therefore it is important to first understand their strengths and weaknesses. We provide a solid foundation of the subject content and then from thereon, coach them constantly. We work closely with our students and engage with them in our interactive classes. We feel what our students say is just as important as what the tutor says. This builds a good rapport and trust as well as a healthy competition amongst our students.

We are always inventing new ways to make learning creative and fun therefore investing in new technology. Currently, we have equipped our classroom with the latest SMART BOARD. It can provide students with enriched learning experience by projecting visual elements. We have found that one hour of teaching with SMART BOARD is equivalent to two offers of traditional teaching.