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    • Eureka! Tuition is a home based tuition centre in Harrow. We provide high standard of education in Maths, Biology and Accountancy as well as coaching for 11 plus. We encourage our students in achieving their maximum potential as well as building confidence and teaching the importance of time management.
    • We continue to motivate all of our students and teach them the value of education through perseverance, hard work, dedication and commitment. It is our firm belief that students gain knowledge from a broad and balanced curriculum, which will enable them to achieve their grades at the highest possible level.
    • Our diligent attitude and passion towards teaching has led students to blossom and allowed us to go from strength to strength over the years, hence enabling us to thrive to become a competitive and recognized establishment. We believe that learning is an ongoing journey and that challenges are simply a matter of perspective.
    • Eureka! Tuition Center was set up as an institution with a focused vision to pave a pathway for young individuals to reach academic success, fulfillment, and personal achievement whilst at the center, and in the real world.
    • At Eureka! Tuition, We strongly believe that students will achieve the highest grades by being taught from a broad and a balanced curriculum. We therefore take pride in saying that this is delivered in a bespoke manner by our tutors; who are fully qualified in their taught subjects, and between them carry decades of teaching experience.
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Our Core Values


The Eureka! Tuition focuses on providing students with quality education, equipping them with the tools to achieve the best possible academic results.


We aim to enable students with a strong support system. To function as a reliable resource when in doubt, and provide clarity in confusion.


Our goal is to empower students in their learning journey with an unwavering commitment to achieving excellence

Our Vision

At Eureka! Tuition, Our aim is to provide quality education services for our students. We work tirelessly to deliver quality teaching at its finest.

Our mission

We strive to nature a strong scientific institution in every student, based on a solid foundation in their respective subjects. Our aim is to develop our students into critical thinkers, Who can apply mathematics scientific principles and reasoning beyond the academic setting.