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11 Plus

The 11 plus has become the most competitive common entrance exam throughout England. At Eureka! Tuition, we believe that a high standard education and a healthy competition at an early age is crucial to shaping a child’s future and also to succeed in the career they choose later in life. We have achieved a 100% satisfaction rate with helping students attain entry to their chosen school. We cover London’s private and independent schools, and the home county grammars.

Our tutors of 11 plus know exactly how to put your child above the competition. With plenty of learning materials, resources and knowledge of the specific ways a child is expected to answer certain questions, our tutors are fully equipped to deliver an unrivalled tutoring service .

What makes us unique?

1. Small groups (Up to 15 students in one group).
2. Model Papers of most popular grammar schools & Independent schools will be covered. (Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Haberdashers, Harrow School, Henrietta Barnett)
3. High success rates in past years.
4. All the lessons tailored to beach individual students to boost their grades.

What a parent of a student entered QE boys told about us

“We were nervous to use Eureka at first, but It's the best thing we've ever done for our son's education! He is in his 11+ and was struggling in Maths. He is really getting to grips with the subject now, is more confident, and made huge improvements in test results”

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