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Our Results

We guarantee progress in every student by at least one grade within six months’ time by attending weekly lessons regularly. We assure this by tailoring the lessons according to the students needs and regular reviews.

We can proudly say,

Students who started Maths tuition with us in year 8 or prior, have always (100%) managed to get A**/A*(Level 9/8) in their GCSE exams.

Students who came to us for AS AND A2 Biology tuition have always achieved A in their exams.

Students came to us for AS and A2 Accountancy tuition always (100%) achieved A in their exams.

What we do differently to achieve these jaw-dropping results…!!

We cover the syllabus in full whether the school covers it or not

We maintain student files with all their current work and grades

We identify student’s weak area of study at an early stage and work hard to overcome the barriers and turn their weaknesses into strengths.

We have model exam questions and past papers to consolidate the learnt information

Whether in group or one to one lessons, each student will have undivided attention and individual feedback

We audit ourselves at the end of every academic year and encourage feedback from previous students and parents in order to constantly improve our service to you

We promote self learning habit in students to boost their confidence. We DO NOT spoon feed.

We encourage students to learn from their mistakes so…. they will NEVER forget it

We work closely and keep the parents involved of their child’s progress and have reviews every 3 months