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How We Work

Eureka Tuition works in partnership with both parent and students to enhance the learning carried out by school, consolidate and accelerate their academic progress. We work closely with schools to improve student’s academic performance and their confidence in tackling exam questions.

Taster Lesson

Taster lesson (Introductory Lesson) is first lesson for your child at Eureka! Tuition. This lesson will last up to 60 mins on a One to One basis to assess and explore expectations. This involves a series of questions which will help us assess the standard of the student therefore we can tailor our teaching according to their current level of knowledge. We can select a topic of interest and teach them so they can also have a taster of what the lessons will entail. We also advise parents to attend so any queries can be addressed. Parents/Guardians are welcome to sit for the whole lesson if required. After the taster lesson, we encourage the parents and students to have a discussion and decide whether you want to continue with Eureka! Tuition and simply send us an email with your decision!

Four-week trial period

Once the taster lesson is completed and you are happy to continue lessons with Eureka! Tuition, we recommend you to continue on a one to one basis for the next four lessons which will give some time for the student to adapt to our teaching patterns and also for the tutor to understand student’s strengths and weaknesses. This will give the chance for the tutor to identify the gaps in the knowledge and allow him/her to tailor their teaching and lesson plan according the that individual student.

Free consultation

Once the student has completed the trial period, the parents will be invited for an informal chat with tutor. At this stage tutor will advise you which would be best suitable for your child, whether it is to continue either continue tuition on a one to one basis or alternatively in a small group*. The Tutor will also give you an individualised learning plan for student, which will explain what can be achieved. This is another opportunity for students and parents to discuss about expectations, ideas and concerns with your tutor. If you are happy to continue with Eureka tuition, a student file will be created and everything discussed will be documented. From hereon, student’s progress will be reviewed every 3 months, however, if parents have any queries or concerns in the interim, they are more than welcome to make an appointment with the tutor.
*Biology and Accountancy lessons for A Level students are taught one to one basis or in pairs.